Ways To Eliminate Indoor Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a real hassle, but suffering year round can be downright miserable. Some of the most troublesome allergens can all be found in our homes. Dust mites, dander and the allergens caused by cockroaches are all very common …

zika virus

What is the Zika virus?

First discovered in 1947, Zika virus was named for the Zika forest in Uganda. It is spread through the bite of a specific mosquito, the Aedes species. It wasn’t until 1952 that the first human cases were documented.

Are You Feeding Bed Bugs

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Human and animal blood is the main source of food for bed bugs. They will feed for about 10 minutes and then move on to digest their meal. There is no pain when they bite, so they often go unnoticed …

10 myths about head lice

Head Lice Myths

Upwards of 12 million children age 3-11 are infested with head lice each year. Despite the mounting numbers, there are still countless misconceptions about lice circulating which can make identifying and treating infestations even more difficult. These 10 myths are …

squirrels and bird feeders

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

Got a backyard bird feeder? Then, chances are, you’ve also got squirrels taking aim at it day after day. While you may not mind a few squirrels snacking on your bird seed, too many can overwhelm and will, likely, wind up destroying your feeder – or, even, marking and protecting it from the birds you’re looking to attract.

Foundation Pest Control - Ants In The Bathroom

Ants In The Bathroom?

Have an ant infestation in your bathroom — or just notice those unwanted creepy crawlies popping up in the bathroom from time to time? While the kitchen may seem like a hub for bug activity, the bathroom is often one of the most common ant hotbeds, attracting seasonal visitors or, even, long-term infestations.

pests and holiday foods

Top 4 Holiday Foods That Attract Bugs

‘Tis the season for sweets, savories…and the pests and common household bugs they attract. Given the nature of holiday must-haves, it’s no surprise that winter is one of the most common seasons for serious infestations — and, more often than not, it’s these popular eats that are the culprits.

Holiday Storage Tips To Keep Bugs Away

Holiday Food Storage Tips

It’s the holidays and that means lots of gifts, guests and, of course, plenty of tasty treats. All too often, though, in the hustle and bustle of shopping, prepping, serving and the post-meal clean ups, food isn’t stored or discarded as well as it should be — and that can lead to some serious pest problems that live on long after the last Christmas cookie.

4 Factors That Attract Termites Foundation Pest Control

Termite Attraction Factors

Termites are thought to only be attracted to wood but that’s not the case. There are many things in your homes that can attract them. Knowing where to find them and how to prevent them from coming into your home is very important.

Foundation Pest Control 5 signs you may have a flea infestation

Flea Infestation Signs

Everyone loves the family dog or cat. But the fleas that often come with them are not so welcome. Even the cleanest of homes can be susceptible to fleas as they come in on pets’ fur. If your neighbor’s yard has a flea infestation, your pet and home can be vulnerable to one as well. Knowing what to look for is vital in stopping a problem before it gets way out of hand.