Fire Ant Treatment

Memphis Fire Ant Treatment: Your Family Is Our First Priority

At Foundation Pest Control we know that as a homeowner your main priority is keeping your home and family safe and clear of pests. In order to help you do this, we offer a wide range of pest control services. Pest control is a year round necessity. Whether it’s keeping mice out of your home during the winter or mosquitoes out of your yard in the summer, we are prepared to do the job.

Memphis Fire Ant Treatment: Rid Your Home of Fire Ants

Here in the South we have hot, humid summers. With those summers comes a particularly pesky pest, the fire ant. If you’ve ever experienced a fire ant sting, you know how painful it can be. Fire ants like to build their mounds in the summer but do not necessarily hibernate in the winter. They like to build their nests under logs, rocks or piles of bricks but will build in open areas as well. Those nests typically look like mounds of fresh dirt. If disturbed, they will swarm out onto the surface. If you step in an ant mound, you will most likely get stung more than once.

It’s very important to keep small children away from these ants. These ants are much more aggressive than other ants and will definitely sting if disturbed.


Your Memphis Fire Ant Exterminator

Fire ants are resilient and will rebuild mounds if not dealt with properly. Utilizing a professional pest control service is your best option for getting rid of them. If you have a fire ant problem in Memphis or the surrounding area, call us at Foundation Pest Control and let us handle it for you!

Don't Be Caught Without Fire Ant Protection This Summer!
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