The Foundation Approach to Pest Protection

Whether you are battling household pests common to the Memphis, TN area like ants and spiders or more ominous species like Wasps and Mosquitos, our services are simply the best way to protect your family and home…both indoors and out. Our goal is simple. Protect your home from unwanted pest invaders while offering the best customer experience possible. Plus our friendly office staff is there Monday – Friday 8 to 5 to provide top notch customer service every step of the way.

Family & Community Focused

Family is important to Foundation Pest Control and the driving force for everything we do. We are heavily invested in supporting our community and schools as well. We show our support by sponsoring local events, school fundraisers, and team sports. We also sponsor Memphis City Schools classrooms to ensure they can take care of their classroom needs and educational projects. We give to local charities, and we are a proud sponsor and supporter of the ASPCA and the Humane Society. We believe in giving back to our clients through our community support. It is another aspect that makes us different from the rest.

Environmentally Focused

  • We are truly environmentally conscious.
  • We only use EPA certified products and approved treatment methods to helps us limit unwanted pesticide exposure to non-target plants and animals and avoid run off.
  • We are careful not to expose honey bees and other pollinators to treatments that will devastate a hive.
  • We use organic and low toxicity pesticides whenever possible.
  • We understand the roll beneficial as well as nuisance insect’s play in our environment and take steps to manage each appropriately.
  • Our general pest and Termite services are human and pet friendly. However please advise us if you have fish or pet birds indoors as they are susceptible to certain type treatments.
Foundation Pest Control