Integrated Pest Management

Protect Your Memphis Home, Inside & Out

Our Inside and Out program provides an unbeatable indoor and outdoor preventative protective barrier around your home all year long as well as free recalls on covered pests if needed between services. Our proactive approach keeps the insect population around your home down and helps us maintain the pest controlled environment you are looking for.

Proven Pest Control Protection

Both the Inside and Out and IPM Quarterly Protection Plans are designed to keep your home a fortress against pests. Covered pests include ants, beetles, centipedes & millipedes, spiders, American cockroaches, crickets and indoor rodents. (Please note German roaches, Brown recluse spiders, Bed Bugs, outdoor rodents, flying and wood destroying insects are not covered by this program, however can provide coverage for all of these under a separate a program or on an as needed basis).


Integrated Pest Management For Your Family

Providing unsurpassed pest control service, Foundation Pest Control goes Beyond the Call to protect your family’s health and property while caring for our environment. Today, Foundation Pest Control is proud to offer and utilize Integrated Pest Management program, or IPM, as part of our pest control system.

Widely accepted as the most environmentally friendly approach to pest control, IPM is a straight forward process. The exterior portion of treatment is the main line of defense and usually is all that is needed to protect most homes in the Memphis area from many common nuisance pests. This is the way I treat my personal home and it works extremely well.

Our IPM program not only offers a lower exposure of pesticides to you and your family, for those of you that are chemical conscious, but it also offers more scheduling flexibility as no one has to be home to meet our techs to let them inside. Those are two huge benefits to many of our clients.

This program is also the recommend pest management approach to many common pest issues by the EPA and TN and MS Department of Agriculture. This service is done every 3 months and is guaranteed with free recalls in between if needed. It is designed to alleviate health concerns caused by common household pests while providing you with peace-of-mind.

What’s more, by working with Foundation Pest Control technicians, you receive unsurpassed protection in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. You get the added comfort of knowing you are not only doing what’s best for your family and home, but what’s best for the planet. It truly is pest protection you can feel good about. Give us a call to see if this service is the right solution for you.


Integrated Pest Management For Your Family

Learn More About Common Pests

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