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When you’re facing a possible spider infestation, there are a few things you should consider. At Foundation Pest Control, we know you want to keep you, your family and belongings free from spiders, so we are providing you with some helpful tips on controlling spiders in your home.

Remember here at Foundation Pest Control we are available to assist you in all your Memphis spider control needs. If you have questions regarding our services, call us today!

Indoor Tips For Spiders

  • Sweep or vacuum under furniture and in corners frequently. Spiders like to build their webs in places they won’t be disturbed so look for them in places that are hard to reach or not often touched.
  • Look for holes in window sills and cracks between the floor and baseboards and seal them. Spiders can find small spaces and make their way into your home through them.
  • Remove any boxes and declutter your home of any extra debris. If you are bringing boxes from a storage unit, you’ll want to unpack the boxes outside and make sure there are no spiders in the contents.
  • Vacuum inside blinds and behind curtains periodically as spiders like to build webs in these areas. Also, check in recessed light fixtures as it’s a spot they can build without being disturbed.
Outdoor Tips For Spiders
  • Use a broom or water hose to break up webs in eaves and on siding. You may need to use a broom when tearing webs down from brickwork.
  • In your attic or shed, reduce the number of boxes as much as you can. Seal them all with strong tape and make sure they don’t have holes in them. If you can, use plastic tubs with lids.
  • If you have a wood pile, you’ll want to move it to a location in your yard away from your home. Spiders like to build in piles of debris so remove as much as you can from your property.
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