Garden Spider Fun Facts:

  1. Sometimes the female will hide under her web and wait for her prey.
  2. They have poor eyesight and use the vibration of their web when prey hits it.
  3. Garden Spiders spin a new web each morning.

What do they look like?

  1. They are very distinct with yellow and black markings on their abdomens and the rest of their body is white.
  2. Long, spindly black legs
  3. Females range from ¾” to and inch long while males are much smaller.

What kind of colony do they create?

They build their webs in areas when they’re protected by wind and the elements so they can build their webs. This particular spider builds a zigzag into their web and is often referred to as “zipper” spiders. The reason for this type of web formation is unknown. It could be to distract its prey or to ensnare its prey. The web will most likely be intact for an entire summer season. Often after mating, the male will die and be eaten by the female, who then cares for the eggs until she dies. The female typically dies after the first frost and the babies disperse when they are born.

How do you know if you have an infestation?

Most likely, you will not have an infestation because they don’t form colonies. They are harmless to humans other than a slight sting if bitten. They are not aggressive but will bite if grabbed. If you are unsure contact us to come and take a look.

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