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Each year termites invade millions of homes and cause billions of dollars in damage. This damage is very rarely covered by homeowners insurance. They do more damage every year than earthquakes, floods, wind storms, and fires combined. Plus termites can consume up to 3 pounds of wood a week so it’s very important to get your home protected. Termite control is very important in the south. 9 out of 10 homes in the Memphis area that are untreated for termites will get them so it’s not a matter of if you will get termites, it’s when. A termite inspection by a licensed professional is the first step in termite treatment and protecting your property from these voracious pests.


My home was treated before construction. Do I need termite service?

The answer is yes. Pre-construction treatment is a requirement of the building process but is only the 1st step in protecting your home. This is because it only deters termites from coming up through your home's slab. It does nothing to protect the perimeter of your home which is where most termites gain access. That is why a perimeter treatment is so important.

At Foundation we offer unsurpassed termite protection and the expertise to back it up.


Termite Infestation Signs

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, a termite exterminator can help. A Memphis Termite Service or Treatment strategy is the key to protecting your property and providing you with peace-of-mind.

No matter if you home is new or old, it’s a good idea to protect your investment. Termites are a year round pest so don’t wait till you can see you have a problem.

  • Pencil-sized diameter, or larger, mud tubes running across bare concrete or masonry between the soil and any wooden part of your building.
  • Thin, small, papery wings, all the same size and shape, 3/8-1/2 inches long, on your window sill, counter top or floor (especially if it is late Spring and there has been a recent rain.)
  • Thin, “bubbled” or distorted areas of paint or wood surfaces which feel cool to the touch.
  • Any wooden building parts (especially if they are support structures) begin to “sag” unexpectedly.

Professional Termite Service Guaranteed

With many years of termite and pest control experience, Foundation Pest Control delivers the quality inspections and comprehensive extermination services you need to suss out even the most silent of the silent destroyers—and ensure they stay where they belong: OUT.

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