6 Common Myths About Termites

Updated June 22, 2020

6 Common Myths About Termites (and why they’re wrong)

It’s true -- termites are a pest. But at the same time, a major challenge to combating the spread -- and the damage -- is the fact that many homeowners are completely misinformed when it comes to termites. By understanding what they are and what they aren't, you’ll be better able to spot an infestation and get it under control -- or, better, to prevent termite problems entirely.

Termite Myth #1

Termite infestations are obvious

Termites are quiet invaders. By the time you notice tunnels in wood, droppings and other telltale signs, your termite problem has probably already reached infestation proportions and resulted in structural damage. Termites take root in small cracks, crevices and other hard-to-spot places.

Termite Myth #2

Properties previously treated for termites are safe forever

A single termite treatment won’t keep termites at bay indefinitely. Many homeowners assume that since their home has been treated once, it’s safe and they don’t need to worry about future problems. Unfortunately, this is how some of the biggest termite infestations begin.
Termite Myth #3

Termites aren’t a problem in the winter

Yes, most pests are more active in the spring and summer, but this rule doesn’t apply to termites. They don’t hibernate and actually tunnel deeper into wood searching for warmth, causing more structural damage and resulting in a most costly extermination process. If you’ve got termites, it’s important to treat them before the winter hits.

Termite Myth #4

Termites are only attracted to wood

Homes without wood decks and trees are still susceptible to termite infestations. Termites are attracted to wood, but can also survive underground and will often reach houses by burrowing through the soil. The ground surrounding your home is your first line of defense against termites; a professional can pre-treat it to keep termites away.

Termite Myth #5

Termites can be treated with DIY solutions

You can try to get rid of termites on your own, but the chances of success are slim to none. Do-it-yourself options may seem affordable and appealing. Unfortunately, they rarely correct the problem and usually result higher extermination costs and more damage. Even with the right materials, it’s hard to treat every area infected with termites without professional assistance.

Termite Myth #6

Termite treatments are expensive

Structural damage that threatens the integrity and resale value of your home is expensive; termite treatments are not. Foundation Pest Control offers a variety of treatment options, the most affordable of which is prevention through proper pest management.

Don’t put your home or family at risk. Get in touch with Foundation Pest Control to discuss your termite treatment options. We’ll help you find the most economical and effective solution for your situation.

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