What Is Lyme Disease?

Updated October 6, 2019

When the weather is pretty, the outdoors begins to call us out to enjoy it. There’s nothing more relaxing than a Summer day by the lake. Likewise, a cool, Fall day spent hiking in the woods makes for a great time with family and friends. While these times can be an opportunity to have fun in the outdoors, care should be taken regarding a certain blood sucking pest-the tick.

what is lyme disease

How Lyme Disease Spreads?

Ticks are abundant in wooded areas and should be considered when preparing for outings in the woods. They are known for spreading a disease called Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne illness and is transmitted most often by the deer tick. It is caused by four different types of bacteria carried by the tick. The disease is passed when the tick bites and attaches itself to a human.

Have A Tick Problem?

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Lyme Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of Lyme Disease can be rather painful. A rash will develop about three to thirty days after the bite. It will most likely be a red ring with a pale center and can spread up to twelve inches in diameter. The rash can develop on more than one area of the body. Flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, fatigue, body aches could also occur as well as joint pain.

Lyme Disease Precautions

When you are preparing to spend time in the woods, take precaution. Wear long sleeves, pants and a hat. Use bug repellant. Make sure to check yourself and your children for ticks when you go inside for the day. If you see ticks on the body, take care to remove them immediately and completely. The longer the tick is attached, the greater your chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Keep an eye on the area and make sure no rash appears.

Enjoy your time outdoors but keep yourself and your family safe against ticks. As always, consider Foundation Pest control to help you with your outdoor pest control needs.

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