Ways To Eliminate Indoor Allergies

Updated October 6, 2019

Do indoor allergies ruin your springtime?

Seasonal allergies are a real hassle, but suffering year round can be downright miserable. Some of the most troublesome allergens can all be found in our homes. Dust mites, dander and the allergens caused by cockroaches are all very common allergens for people. We like to think we are tidy people, but when it comes to allergies, you can’t be too clean. The following are some ways to eliminate indoor allergy triggers:

1. Vacuum, Mop and Dust

These are common household chores but when you are allergic to dust mites, you must do these two things with diligence each week, if not twice a week. Using a vacuum with a washable, HEPA filter will greatly increase the effectiveness.

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2. Switch to hard surface flooring

Carpet traps dust mites and dander so if you can, rip it out and replace it with hard flooring. This will be much easier to keep clean and dust-free.

3. Keep the kitchen clean

Roaches are attracted to crumbs and garbage and roaches often cause allergies through their droppings and saliva. Sealing food properly and cleaning up crumbs is a great way to discourage roaches.

4. Change air filters and manage moisture

Make sure you are changing the air filters on your air conditioning units monthly. This will keep dust mites at bay. A dehumidifier will help keep the air free of moisture which can cause allergies. Open windows and use exhaust fans after showering so the shower doesn’t retain moisture.

5. Use proper linen care

By washing sheets weekly in very hot water; you will kill dust mites that have collected during the week. Wash your comforters and blankets often as well. Using a special anti-allergy pillow case will prevent dust mites from making their home in your pillow. Protect your mattress with an allergen proof cover as well as mattresses hold lots of dust mites and dead skin cells.

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