What draws mosquitos to you?

Updated September 29, 2019

Do mosquitoes see you as a tasty treat?

When the days warm up but the nights are still chilly enough for a bonfire, people love to gather around their fire pit for hotdogs and s’mores. These are times we remember for a lifetime…the crackle of the fire, the smell of the roasting marshmallows, the bite of the mosquitoes. Sadly, mosquitoes are quite often the nemesis of any good campout, bonfire or evening summer event. They require blood to live and they seek human blood quite often. Did you know that certain people are more liable to be bitten than others? Here are a few ways that mosquitoes choose their unlucky donors:

Mosquito Attraction #1 – Blood Type

Studies show that humans with Type O blood are twice as likely to be bitten as people with Type A. Folks with Type B blood fall somewhere in the middle of these two. Obviously, you can’t change your blood type so if you have Type O blood you’ll want to make sure you wear bug repellent every time you go out in the evening.

Mosquito Problem?

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Mosquito Attraction #2 – Chemical Secretion

This sounds disgusting but it’s not something you even know you’re doing and it can’t be controlled. About 85% of people release a chemical signal through their skin that indicates which blood type they are. Again, mosquitoes are highly drawn to Type O blood so if that’s your blood type, you definitely want to take precautions when outside.

Mosquito Attraction #3 – Body Odor

What we find completely offensive, mosquitoes find delightful…just another indication that they are indeed of evil origin. While sweat itself does not have an odor, when mixed with bacteria, it creates what we know as body odor. Smell is a strong mosquito attraction. By bathing daily and using proper hygiene (deodorant, folks) you can keep the blood-suckers at bay.

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