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Essential Signs You Need Professional Pest Control

Updated February 13, 2024
Essential Signs You Need Professional Pest Control

Encountering pests in your home can range from mildly annoying to outright hazardous. While DIY solutions might seem tempting, there are clear signs when it’s time to call in the professionals. From health risks to structural damage, pests pose a myriad of challenges that require expert intervention. This guide will walk you through five undeniable signs that it’s time to contact Foundation Pest Control, to ensure your home remains safe and pest-free.

Persistent Presence of Pests

Despite your best efforts, if pests continue to make their home within yours, it’s a clear indicator that professional help is needed. Persistent pest activity suggests a larger, possibly hidden, infestation.

Damage to Property

Pests can cause significant damage to your home’s structure and personal belongings. From gnawed wires to compromised wooden beams, the cost of ignoring these signs can be substantial.

Signs of Nesting

Finding areas where pests have been nesting or spotting increasing numbers of them indoors signals a growing problem that requires professional attention.

Health Risks

Pests can carry diseases and trigger allergies. If your home becomes a health hazard due to pest activity, it’s crucial to seek expert pest control services.

DIY Solutions Fail

When over-the-counter pest control products no longer make a difference, it’s a sign that the infestation has progressed beyond a DIY fix.


Ignoring pest problems can lead to serious consequences for your health and home. Recognizing these signs early and consulting with Foundation Pest Control can save you time, money, and ensure a safe, pest-free environment. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your home.


Q: How often should I inspect my home for pests?

A: Regularly, at least twice a year, to prevent infestations.

Q: Are professional pest control services safe for pets and children?

A: Yes, professionals use safe, effective methods to protect your family.

Q: What pests are most common in homes?

A: Termites, rodents, and cockroaches are among the most common.

Q: Can pests cause health problems?

A: Yes, they can carry diseases and exacerbate allergies.

Q: How long does professional pest control take?

A: It depends on the extent of the infestation, but treatments usually start showing results within a few days.