5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Pest Professional

Updated May 4, 2020
Pests are a reality -- they live where we live, so it’s not uncommon to spot bugs, rodents or other pests out and about. But that’s key -- they should be out and about. As soon as they cross over and find their way inside, it’s time to take action. And if you’re experiencing any of these five signs, it’s time to call a pest professional now.

1. You’re already seeing signs…

Whether it’s bugs, rodents or other pests, by the time you spot signs — droppings, gnaw marks, burrowing or holes, for example — you’re likely dealing with a true infestation. At this point, don’t wait. Contact a pest professional and get your home or office treatment fast. The longer you wait, the greater the infestation could get — and the more costly it will be to treat.

2. …or you see them

Likewise, if you spot bugs, rodents or pests, get in touch. Often, seeing a single pest can signal many more hiding in walls, floorboards, pipes or other less-than-visible spots. Again, don’t wait. As soon as you spot a bug or pest, deal with it. The longer you wait, the worse your infestation could become.  Here are some ways that rodents can get into your home.

3. You see nests

From termites to rodents, many pests make nests indoors and out. If you suspect you may have a pest problem, check cracks, nooks and spots behind appliances and inside cabinets — shine a flashlight in a look for tell-tale signs such as shredded paper, wood shavings and scraps of cardboard, See something? Contact a pest pro ASAP for a complete assessment and treatment plan.

4. You spot dead bugs indoors

Scan window frames and panes, plus door frames and, also, your basement or bathroom for dead bugs on the inside. While it’s no uncommon — or problematic — to spot dead bugs on the outside of frames, panes and panels, they shouldn’t be inside. If you see more than one or two — or spot several of the same visible species — you could be dealing with an infestation.

5. Your DIY treatments aren’t working

If you’ve tried over-the-counter or DYI pest treatments and, still, spot pests or signs of pests, it’s time to call the pros — Foundation Pest Control can help. Get in touch or contact us at (901) 302-5206 to schedule an appointment now.

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