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zika virus

What is the Zika virus?

First discovered in 1947, Zika virus was named for the Zika forest in Uganda. It is spread through the bite of a specific mosquito, the Aedes species. It wasn’t until 1952 that the first human cases were documented.

Are You Feeding Bed Bugs

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Are You Feeding Bed Bugs?Bed bugs have become more talked about in the last few years due to a rash of infestations in this country. People are more aware of them now and are taking precautions. Because they do not …

Foundation Pest Control 5 signs you may have a flea infestation

Flea Infestation Signs

Everyone loves the family dog or cat. But the fleas that often come with them are not so welcome. Even the cleanest of homes can be susceptible to fleas as they come in on pets’ fur. If your neighbor’s yard has a flea infestation, your pet and home can be vulnerable to one as well. Knowing what to look for is vital in stopping a problem before it gets way out of hand.

get rid of roaches cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Memphis, TN

Cockroaches are not only an embarrassment but they also carry out high potential health implications. According to research, they can spread up to 33 kinds of bacteria and human pathogens. Their legs can easily pick up several kinds of germs and parasitic worms.