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There is something about spiders that makes them cringe-worthy. They’re everywhere. They hide under couches, crawl up ceilings, and walk across the living room floor. Feeding on this fear that many people have about spiders, many movies use spiders as a way to create heart-stopping thrills for their audience.

Spiders are just plain creepy for most people. When they see one in their house, they crush them with their shoe or a book. However, much of their fear is unfounded. Most spiders are perfectly harmless, just looking for a nice, warm place to weave their webs and catch their prey.

What are the common spiders found in and around houses?

There are many different species of spiders, yet there are only two that are truly dangerous for people in the US. Along with those two dangerous spiders, there are only a few other spiders that are commonly found.
black widow spider pest control - foundation pest control memphis

Black Widow

Everyone knows about black widows. When people think about poisonous and dangerous spiders, the black widow is what instantly comes to mind. Black widows are black with a red spot on their back in the shape of an hourglass.

Common everywhere in the US, black widows are known for hiding and creeping out at night. They often hide under eaves, in woodpiles, and even in boxes that are not regularly used. Many people have had the experience of reaching into a box or behind a shelf and discovering a black widow lurking.

Black widows pose a threat because the females will bite in what they consider to be defense, often of their eggs. If bitten, one can begin to feel nauseous, start sweating, and have their blood pressure increase. Seek proper medical treatment as soon as you have been bitten in order to ensure healing and prevent fatality.

brown recluse spider pest control - foundation pest control memphis

Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is a brown spider that has a dark brown mark on the back. Commonly found in the midwest and southern United States, they tend to live outside in wood piles and other random debris. If the spider makes its way indoors, it will usually hide in a closet, attic, inside of storage containers, in baseboards, and under furniture.

Brown recluse spiders bite defensively and their bites tend to be very painful, causing large, open sores. If you experience fever and difficulty sleeping, and think you may have been bit by a brown recluse, you will want to seek medical treatment right away.

house spider pest control - foundation pest control memphis

Common House spider

Common house spiders are just that; the most common spider to find in your home. They are a yellow-brown color and have long abdomens, living in numerous areas around the house. You will be likely to see them spinning their webs in the corners of your ceiling.

While they are common and numerous, they do not pose a threat. However, a home filled with house spiders can become annoying, and some people may find it worthwhile to seek out pest control.

jumping spider pest control - foundation pest control memphis

Jumping spider

The jumping spider is a small black spider that looks quite creepy but is not poisonous or dangerous. All over the US, the jumping spider lives around windows and doors, and outside jumping from stone to stone or tree to tree.
wolf spider pest control - foundation pest control memphis

Wolf spider

Wolf spiders have pale markings on their dark bodies, as well as long legs and hair. There are over 100 species of wolf spiders that inhabit all over the US and Canada. Wolf spiders typically live near the floor of the home, often along the bottom of walls, as well as under furniture.

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