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How Do I Know If I Have An Infestation?

Bees are somewhat seasonal and will typically hibernate during the winter. You may not even know you have them until the warmer weather starts and they become active again. If you’ve got carpenter bees, they bore into wood and create elaborate tunnels that are destructive to your home, you will notice them beginning in the spring. They are quite large and will be seen buzzing around any wood you’ve got on or around your home.

If you’ve got honey bees, you’ll see their nests in trees or they’ll often take over an abandonded bird nest. Sometimes, bees will be aggressive and take over another colony and take their workers for their own.

Some will nest in the grass which can be dangerous for kids and pets.

Removing bees can be very dangerous and a professional with the right kind of tools may be required. Research the type of bee you have and see the help of a trained professional if you’re not sure of how to deal with them.

What Do They Look Like?

  • All have wings but some have shorter wings and are unable to fly
  • They range in size from less than a quarter inch long to 1.5 inches
  • They are covered in tiny hairs to aid in pollination
  • A combination of brown, black and yellow in color

What Kind Of Colony Do They Build?

Bees may live solitarily or in several different types of colonies. The most advanced type of colony is the eusocial colony in which there is very specific organization in terms of jobs and roles among the bees. These types of colonies have a queen, workers and drones. When humans provide the colony with a nest, it is called a hive. A honey bee hive can contain up to 40,000 bees in one season.

A solitary nest consists of a female who lays her eggs and seals off the entrance of the nest afterward. She will then provide more and more pollen for her larva as they age. As the males and females hatch, they will begin to mate.

What Do They Eat?

A Honey bee eats and stores pollen in order to make honey. There’s one species of stingless bee called a Vulture bee that eats carrion or rotted animal flesh.

Fun Facts

  • Bee larvae are eaten in Indonesia with rice and shredded coconut and wrapped in steamed banana leaves.
  • The drastic reduction of bees has prompted the coining of the phrase “colony collapse disorder”.
  • Bees have a sort of pollen basket on their legs into which they scoop and carry pollen.
  • Africanized bees, or killer bees, are the product of the work of Warwick Estevam Kerr. Several queens escaped a lab in South America and have spread around the Americas.

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