Facts About Cockroaches

January 8, 2022

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Cockroaches: Some Helpful Facts

Cockroaches are an insect not generally enjoyed by most homeowners. These insects are not well-liked due to their ability to cause asthma and other health problems, and their disgusting appearance and droppings. Cockroaches have been around for millions of years with about 4,000 known species. About 70 of these types of cockroaches are found in the United States. Cockroaches thrive in warm and moist environments, which is why they are often found in buildings and homes.

Identifying a Cockroach

A cockroach can be identified by its three pairs of legs. While they can fly, they are often not too good at it. They often will travel by foot as they are faster running than they are when flying. A cockroach will have an oval shaped body that appears flattened. Their size is generally between ¾ of an inch to 3 inches long, a wide degree of different variability in size. Their color is generally reddish-brown, but sometimes after molting they will appear more white or beige in color. These insects are often found in moist and warm environments. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, which means they often come out more at night. You may notice them more during this time as they come out to hunt and search for food. They prefer the dark, but sometimes are attracted to lighted areas. In general, cockroaches are silent insects without any distinguishing noises. If you notice a group of them, you may be able to hear them flapping their wings as a group.

Cockroaches are fast!

Did you know a cockroach can run at speeds of up to 3 miles per hour! That’s pretty fast for an insect. While it’s super cool how speedy they are, it also means cockroaches are able to spread germs and bacteria around your home very fast. You may see a group of cockroaches, which is known as an intrusion. When an intrusion manifests in a home or building, this is known as a cockroach infestation. Infestations can cause problems to your home and health over time.

Cockroaches can cause health issues

Cockroaches are an insect which carries a lot of bacteria and disease. They can carry 33 different types of bacteria, 6 different types of parasitic worms, and 7 known pathogens. These harmful bacteria and pathogens can be problematic to human health. If cockroaches are living in your home, there may be certain signs you may have noticed. You may seek cockroach droppings, an unusual odor, or smear marks. Cockroaches can cause many health problems including rashes and asthma. It is important to call a pest control professional to address cockroaches in the home, especially if you suspect they may be causing health symptoms.

Cockroaches can live without food for a month

Cockroaches are difficult insects to combat, as they are able to survive a long time without food and sustenance. They are able to live a week without water and up to a month without food! Cockroaches often hang out around moist or high humidity areas like your bathroom or basement because they are seeking out water. It is always important to make sure food in your kitchen is properly stored and sealed to prevent cockroaches getting in. Be sure to stay on top of regularly disposing of garbage and trash, as this is another place that attracts cockroaches.

Another strange fact about cockroaches is that they can even live without their head, in some instances. Because of the way their system is compromised, their circulatory system is able to breathe through little holes throughout their body. This means they do not need their mouth or head to breathe. This is quite unique but also quite disgusting! If a cockroach dies, it is usually because they weren’t able to get water. They can live up to a week without water.

Rid your home of cockroaches today

Concerned about cockroaches in your home?  You may have seen a cockroach in your home in plain sight or perhaps you’ve seen eggs or droppings. Don’t be caught without cockroach protection! Give us a call today at Foundation Pest Control. We have been trusted pest control professionals in the Memphis area for over 10 years and provide high-quality and affordable pest control services.

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Facts About Cockroaches


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