Top 4 Holiday Foods That Attract Bugs

Updated September 29, 2019

‘Tis the season for sweets, savories…and the pests and common household bugs they attract. Given the nature of holiday must-haves, it’s no surprise that winter is one of the most common seasons for serious infestations — and, more often than not, it’s these popular eats that are the culprits.

1. Fruit

Cut fruit, fruit salads and fruit-centric desserts and sweet treats are prime bug magnets. Not only are bugs attracted to sweet smells and tastes, as fruit ripens it undergoes a mild fermentation process, which draws these pests in even more.

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2. Meat & Fish

Many bugs — especially wasps — are attracted to meat. Whether it’s raw, cooked or even just marinating in the fridge, these mealtime staples can lead to a serious infestation that lasts long after the last bite. Likewise, fish can be major bug draws. With its strong smells and pungent, wide-reaching odors, fish can draw bugs from inside or outside the home.

3. Sweet Drinks

Like fruit, sweet, sugary drinks like soda, juice, cocktails and wine are prime bug draws. What’s more, because these sweet sips are often sticky those unwanted pests can often get trapped in bottles, cans and cups, leading to countless drinks getting tossed — and lots of money down the drain at the same time.

4. Garbage

Is there any holiday holdover that attracts more unwanted bugs and pests than garbage? Whether it’s bagged and waiting for pickup or tucked into garbage cans in your kitchen or under the sink, the combination of scents, tastes and textures is a major draw for virtually any insect. To avoid the hassle and unwanted infestation, be sure to tie all bags and take them outside ASAP. The longer they linger in your home, the more likely they are to draw bugs.

Holiday foods are prime draws for insects. With some smart planning, careful cleanup and keeping a close eye on these four major draws, you can dodge serious bug infestations all season long.

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