Reasons To Hire A Memphis Pest Control Company

Updated June 1, 2022

Hire the right Memphis pest control company for your home or business

No one wants to find pests in their home. Your family deserves a clean, safe home that’s free from creepy crawlies of all kinds. Whether you’ve seen evidence of pests or are just being proactive, working with a pest control company is the best way to achieve the results you need. Foundation Pest Control offers professional services provided by a team of trained experts. There’s no need to get down and dirty with your Memphis pest problem. Learn why working with a professional pest control company is the best way to create the home environment you want and need.

Experts At Killing Memphis Bugs

Our pest control technicians are carefully trained to identify, eliminate, and prevent all kinds of pests. We’ve spent time building our knowledge and skills, so we’re familiar with pests and bugs that the average homeowner can’t recognize. 

Identifying pests can be tricky. Insects, vermin, and other creatures are usually hard to spot. These creatures prefer to hide from you which makes them hard to see in the first place. It can also be challenging to tell the difference between different types of pests. Our team can easily spot the difference between rats and mice, German cockroaches and bedbugs, flies and fleas, and many other unwanted visitors to your home. Don’t waste time searching for pests or trying to ID them. Foundation Pest Control will handle these unpleasant tasks for you.

Professional-Strength Solutions

Pest control companies have more effective solutions than homeowners can access. You’ve probably seen cans of bug killer or pest spray at your favorite Memphis store. These sprays can handle one or two bugs at a time, but they’re not strong enough to wipe out an infestation. 

Foundation Pest Control has access to regulated, industrial-grade treatments that homeowners simply can’t purchase without a license. We also know the best ways to use these solutions. Our services combine powerful treatments with expert knowledge and experience, safely driving pests from your home. 

Avoid Return Infestations

Our pest control services go beyond handling your current infestation. We also guide you through steps to avoid more problems in the future. When you have an infestation, something in your home is attracting local vermin. It’s important to find the cause of your problem, not just to remove the current pests. Simple changes like covering outdoor trashcans or changing your cleaning products can help you prevent future infestations. Our expert technicians will find what’s attracting pests to your home so you can keep it from happening again.

Prevent Structural Damage

Some pests are merely a nuisance, but others can cause expensive damage to your home and belongings. Wood-eating pests like termites and some ants love to gnaw on your home’s structure. Roaches and moths damage clothes, books, food, and other belongings. Rodents and other small mammals can move into your walls and attic, leading to unpleasant smells and sounds. These creatures can even cause electrical damage and fires if they start to eat your wiring. 

Infestations can grow expensive over time, especially if you need to replace items or repair your home. Foundation Pest Control will help keep your Memphis home in great shape. Our extermination services protect your investment by keeping pests out of your house. 

Safeguard Your Health

Infestations can cause major health problems for your family. Cockroaches and many other pests carry bacteria and disease so it’s important to keep them out of your home. Stinging and biting creatures like ants, bed bugs, spiders, bees, and wasps are painful and can cause allergic reactions. Dust, fur, dander, and droppings can also increase allergies and asthma symptoms in your home. 

Professional pest control services are one of the best ways to keep your family safe and healthy. If you’re struggling with increased allergies, bites, stings, or other problems, an infestation may be to blame. We’ll find and eliminate your Memphis pest problem so your family can go back to feeling their best.

Why Choose Foundation Pest Control

At Foundation Pest Control, removing infestations is just one way we serve the Memphis community. As a local company, we’re familiar with the unique insects, bugs, and wildlife that impact our local homes. We’re also driven to protect our vibrant Tennessee ecosystem. Our EPA-certified products are safe for people, cats, dogs, and the environment. We manage pests so they can fill their perfect place in the environment: in nature, not in your home! Contact Foundation Pest Control to learn how our infestation services can improve your family’s life today.