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You See It. We Exterminate It.
It’s That Simple.


Our goal? It’s simple. Keep Collierville pest-free. And with our simple, affordable and comprehensive extermination services, that’s never been easier.

The Foundation Pest Control team has been serving Collierville for many years, providing the most efficient, most effective services to help homes and businesses get and stay pest-free. Whether it’s insects, rodents, termites or even bed bugs, our team will provide a quick solution and proper maintenance, ensuring pest get—and stay—OUT.


A pest problem shouldn’t break the bank—and beyond that, it should work. Our expert team will inspect your home or workspace and create a customized solution that meets your needs and your budget. And when we say the job is done, we mean it—if you see any signs of pests within 30 days, we’ll be back to make it right.


Since day one we’ve been helping businesses in and around Collierville get and stay pest-free. If you’ve spotted any signs of pests in your work space, get in touch. We’ll dispatch an expert exterminator in Collierville to conduct a comprehensive commercial pest control inspection and develop a seamless plan that ensures minimal downtime.


Have a unique pest problem on your hands? Let us know! We’ve been the exterminator in Collierville who can assist with any job, no matter how big or how small. Whether it’s a simple pest problem or, even, termites, bed bugs or rodents, our pro team will handle it all quickly and effectively.

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