Silverfish Infestation Signs

The homeowner will usually spot a single deal silverfish on the floor or in a bathtub. Look for tiny pieces of feces that look like traces of pepper. Anywhere in the house where there is water or paper is a home for the silverfish.

Silverfish Treatment

The silverfish move extremely fast and are nocturnal. Because of their secretive nature, they can be a challenge to locate unless out in the open. They reproduce very quickly and can remain out of sight for long periods. The best way to reduce the silverfish population is to control the humidity in the home. While traps can limit the population, if your home is infested you need the help of a professional pest control specialist to rid the entire colony.

The silverfish in an insect that is capable of surviving in a number of different climates. They do prefer damp and dark locations like that in attics, basements, and especially bathrooms. They are attracted to damp clothing and especially paper, usually found in boxes stored in cabinets or closets. Here is everything you will need to know concerning the appearance, reproduction, infestation signs and treatments for silverfish.

Silverfish Appearance

The silverfish can measure up to 19mm in length, bluish silver to white brown in color, and shaped like a teardrop. The silver fish has three long bristles towards the rear of the body and will grow from the egg to adult with very little chance to their appearance.

Silverfish Reproduction

Before mating, the silverfish go through a unique love dance in which the males will lay down spermatophores that the females will take in via the ovipositor. The number of female eggs will vary depending greatly on the species. Some silverfish can lay a few eggs at a time, while others will lay a cluster of up to 20 eggs at a time.