What do they look like?

  • They have a thin waist between the thorax and abdomen.
  • Their coloring is black and white.
  • Hornets fold their wings back on their body when they’re resting.

Hornet Fun Facts:

  • They release an attack pheromone and the entire nest will attack.
  • Fertilized eggs become female hornets and unfertilized eggs become male.
  • Hornets do not die after they sting.

What do they eat?

Ever have an annoying hornet or two buzzing around your pool party or summer picnic? It’s because they love to drink the same sweet drinks we do and are probably just there for the beverages. They also enjoy insects and sometimes carrion or rotting animal flesh. They take these things back to their larvae to eat.

What kind of colony do they build?

Hornets build nests made from wood pulp and saliva. The queen builds the nest with individual cells and then lays an egg in each cell. She then feeds the larvae a protein rich diet until they are adults and leave the nest. As the colony grows, more cells are added and more eggs are laid and hatched.

How will I know if I have an infestation?

You’ll see them swarming around your trash cans and then you can locate their nest. They build their nests in trees, eaves of homes and in attics. Some types build their nests in the grass and can be particularly painful if stepped on. All nests should all be considered dangerous and professional help should be called for removal.