Daddy Long Legs Spiders

How do I know if I have an infestation?

Look for Daddy Long Legs in dark places like basements or sheds. They wait for their prey to get caught in their tangled web. By sweeping away their cobwebs and keeping an eye out for egg sacs, you’ll be able to keep them from making a nest in your home.

What do they eat?

Their webs are not sticky but they are very irregular and trap prey in the many tangles. They can be aggressive to other spiders by attacking them on their own webs. Daddy Long Legs will vibrate their prey’s web as if it’s an entrapped insect and then attack when the spider approaches. They hunt Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders also.

What kind of colony do they create?

The male and female mate and the female stays with the eggs and cares for the babies after they hatch. The female has only one mate per season but the male will have multiple mates. Sometimes the male will stay and protect the eggs and the female as she cares for them.

Fun Facts:

*There are Daddy Long Legs on every continent but Antarctica.

*Daddy Long Legs legs continually grow and can become too long. They have been known to chew their legs off to make walking easier.