Flea Infestation Signs

Updated April 26, 2020

Everyone loves the family dog or cat. But the fleas that often come with them are not so welcome. Even the cleanest of homes can be susceptible to fleas as they come in on pets’ fur. If your neighbor’s yard has a flea infestation, your pet and home can be vulnerable to one as well. Knowing what to look for is vital in stopping a problem before it gets way out of hand.

1. Excessive Scratching

If your pet is scratching excessively, you will probably want to it for fleas. Areas around the hind parts for dogs and the head for cats are places fleas like to hang out. Also check for scabs from bites. If you don’t see any fleas, your pet may have a skin condition that needs medical treatment.

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2. Consistent Flea Presence

Seeing one or two fleas every now and then does not mean you have an infestation. But when you can see them hopping around your pet or on your furniture, you’ve got a problem

3. Visible Flea Larvae

Look for their eggs and larvae around your pet’s bed. It’s very difficult to find the eggs and larvae because they are so small and white.

4. “Salt & Pepper” In Your Pet’s Bed

You can check your pet’s bedding for droppings by looking for salt and pepper looking specks. These are the eggs and the digested blood from the adult fleas. This is a tell-tale sign of an infestation.

5. Small, Itchy Bites On Your Family

If you or your family is experiencing small, itchy bites you might have a flea infestation. This can often happen while you’re sitting on the couch or in the night while you’re sleeping.

If you feel like you have a flea problem, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to call and we’ll have a knowledgeable and friendly staff member come check your home!

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