4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Updated February 13, 2021

Spring has sprung in southeastern Tennessee and you know what that means—spring flowers, warm weather, heavy rain and mosquito season. While you’re packing up your winter coats and pulling out shorts, mosquitoes are probably the last thing on your mind -- but, more than ever, they should be front-and-center in your spring planning. 

In the spring higher temperatures and heavy rain lead to an annual influx of mosquitoes. While there’s nothing you can do about the weather, with a little knowledge and some insights, you can easily defend against them while keeping your family comfortable and itch-free. Here are pro tips for preparing for mosquito season like a pro:

Understand Mosquito Life Cycles

It’s nice to think that cold weather kills off all the unwanted pests in our lives, but that isn’t exactly true. Different species of mosquitoes have different winter habits, with some females resting and storing fat and others laying durable eggs that can withstand frigid temperatures. 

What you need to know is that when warm weather and rain create the perfect storm, these insects will emerge once again.

Is it Mosquito Season?

There’s no exact date for mosquito season -- you can’t open your farmers’ almanac and find it next to the best day for planting bulbs. Instead, expect them to begin arriving when temperatures hit 50°F. The hotter and humid it gets, the more you’ll see.

How Can I Prepare for Mosquito Season?

Brace yourself for spring, summer and all things mosquito. Here’s how to prepare this season…

#1. Clean Gutters and Drains. Did you know mosquitos can lay eggs in as little as a tablespoon of water? Gutters and drains that are littered with leaves, branches and debris are a perfect breeding spot for mosquitos.

#2. Eliminate Standing Water. Where else are there pockets of standing water near your home or business? Think flower pots, birdbaths, kids’ toys, trash can lids and more. Don’t forget to check spigots for leaks—they can also create perfect puddles for mosquitoes to breed in.

#3. Clean Up Your Yard. Once again, anything in your yard that can collect water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Remove old tires and any type of debris that catches water. If you have a pond, consider adding a bubbler that will create a current.

#4. Call the Experts. Prevention is the key to avoiding a major mosquito infestation. This step is especially important if you live near bodies of water, have a history of bad infestations or spend a lot of time outdoors with your children and family.

At Foundation Pest Control, we have more than 20 years of experience eliminating mosquitoes and other pests in southeastern Tennessee. We offer free estimates and all of our services are 100% guaranteed.

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