Termite Attraction Factors

Updated April 26, 2020

Termites are thought to only be attracted to wood but that’s not the case. There are many things in your homes that can attract them. Knowing where to find them and how to prevent them from coming into your home is very important.

1. Moisture

Contrary to popular belief, termites are not only drawn to dry wood. They actually can’t digest cellulose, or plant-based material, without moisture. In fact, moisture is so important to termites that they would dry up and die without it. With that said it’s important to check for areas in and around your home that have excessive moisture and take care of drying it out if you can.

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2. Darkness

Lots of insects like to lurk in the darkness and the termite is one of them. They can hide from predators there and dark areas are usually moister than bright spots. Winged termites are, however, drawn to light so you should be able to find them more easily.

3. Mulch And Other Decorative Ground Covers

Mulch and other decorative ground covers-Mulch would be considered an obvious termite attractant but it’s not necessarily just because of the wood. Mulch is usually thick and dark and it holds moisture well. Sometimes homeowners will pile new mulch on top of old mulch when freshening up their flower beds. A good practice though is to rake away the old mulch before putting down the new mulch and don’t make it more than 2” thick.

4. Plant-Based Material

Termites are not limited to a strictly wood diet. They will eat leaves, bark, paper, cardboard, and anything else made of plants. It’s a good idea to keep your home clear of debris and boxes so as to not attract them to your home.

Make sure to check your home periodically for termites. If you feel you may have a termite problem, call us at Foundation Pest Control today!

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