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Just north of Memphis, Tipton County is a quiet and peaceful place to live. It is comprised of small farm towns and is a peaceful place to live. Tipton County was voted the third safest county in America in 2009 by Progressive Farmer magazine. It’s also a surprisingly large agricultural and manufacturing area. Tipton County is experiencing a population boom which stems from growth in Memphis. The weather is very moderate in Tipton County which also makes it a very nice place to live.

Tipton County is home to many beautiful parks and historic landmarks. From the Coca-Cola factory and the beautiful Art Deco Ruffin Theater to the many historical churches and homes; there are lots of fun places to explore. The parks and recreation in Tipton County is second to none. There are lots of green spaces to enjoy and with the moderate temperatures, it’s easy to do this year round. With the great weather though, comes the need for pest control. Because the weather is so moderate, the pest population does not experience the same periods of cold and hot temperatures.

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Being Tipton County Pest Control experts means we understand what pests annoy the residents of Tipton County! If you are living in Tipton County and need help with pests, contact us at Foundation Pest Control today!!
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