Four Seasons Pest Treatment Program

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Year-Round Pest Control Protection

Pests can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness as well. There are many kinds of pests, and they can be a problem any time of year. That’s why Foundation Pest Control offers our 4 Season Protection Program – so your home can be protected at all times regardless of the season or the pest. With FPC’s General Pest Management programs, the services are designed to help stop pests before they invade your home!


What Our Customers Say

I use Foundation for my personal home and also refer them for all of my real estate transactions! Professional, straight forward and very trustworthy. Often they enter my home without me being there to take care of issues. I highly recommend them and hope you will use them too!
Zach T.
Residential Pest Control
I had an unexpected bed bug issue from travelling, and the Foundation Pest Control team gave me a competitive quote within 24 hours, and arrived to treat my house in two days. I had a new baby so the team even offered to assist me with putting mattress covers on the beds. I could not have asked for a better experience given the situation.
Lindsey O.
Residential Pest Control
I have been using Foundation Pest Control for over a year now with great results. The staff is very professional, attentive and has expert knowledge in the field. I am very happy with the results I have seen and will continue to use them with my future pest control needs.
Clayton T.
Residential Pest Control

What To Expect From Your Pest Control Experts

We come out to your home four times a year, basically every 3 months, to apply the appropriate treatment to safeguard your home and property against the Memphis area’s most common pests. This program as with all our services is 100% guaranteed so if any covered pests do manage to break through our barrier we will come back and retreat at no extra charge. That is our four seasons pest treatment promise to you.

Get Piece of Mind With Residential Pest Control!

Learn More About Common Pests

Slide Rodents Although they are small, rodents often leave big signs of their presence: More Information Slide Bed Bug Treatment Icon Foundation Pest Control Memphis Bedbugs Bedbugs bite and leave itchy red spots. When you’ve determined you have a bedbug infestation, you must act fast to rid your home of them. More Information Slide Termite Icon Foundation Pest Control Memphis Termites Each year, termites invade millions of homes, and cause billions of dollars in damage. In the Memphis area, 9 out of 10 unprotected homes are infested. More Information Slide Carpenter Ants Much like termites, carpenter ants eat their way through wood, potentially causing major structural damage. More Information Slide Fire Ants It’s very important to keep small children away from these ants. These ants are much more aggressive than other ants and will definitely sting if disturbed. More Information Slide Mosquito With its ample rainfall, warm weather, and abundance of hatching spots, the Memphis area is a prime locale for mosquitoes. More Information Slide Spiders We know you want to keep you, your family and belongings free from spiders, so we are providing you with some helpful tips on controlling spiders in your home. More Information Slide Ticks You take a walk through the woods, a tick grabs onto your sock or pant leg and you’ve got the potential for a tick bite. So what can be done about these ticks? More Information Slide Wasps & Hornets If you are struggling with a wasp infestation, don’t take matters into your own hands. Call us today! More Information