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how to kill bedbugs Foundation Pest Control Memphis

How To Kill Bed Bugs

The word “bed bug” alone is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, so it’s completely understandable that Lakeland area homeowners start to panic when they wake up with red, itchy bites. Since bed bugs are tiny, hardy and able to …

Prepare for Mosquito Season -Foundation Pest Control

4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Spring has sprung in southeastern Tennessee and you know what that means—spring flowers, warm weather, heavy rain and mosquito season. While you’re packing up your winter coats and pulling out shorts, mosquitoes are probably the last thing on your mind …

Invasive Species

Invasive Insect Species In Tennessee Part 1

Have You Heard About These Invasive Species? With its unique climate, rich open land and buzzing metropolises, Tennessee is a prime habitat for many different types of insects and pests. By knowing what’s buzzing in your backyard, you’ll be better …