Your Memphis Rodent Control Experts

Foundation Pest Control specializes in all aspects of rodent control, including mouse and rat control, mouse extermination, rat extermination, rodent damage repair and rodent control. The service professionals at our family-owned and operated company have more than 20 years experience getting rid of rats and mice from residential and commercial buildings throughout the greater Memphis area.

At Foundation, we recognize that whether you have one pesky rodent or a full-on infestation, your quality of life and enjoyment of your home suffers. We understand the frustration of sharing your home with unwanted guests, and we call upon our decades of experience and a variety of proven techniques to send your unwanted guests packing.

Do You Have a Mouse Or Rat Problem?

Although they are small, rodents often leave big signs of their presence:

  • Droppings. If you start to notice rodent droppings in your basement, pantry or cupboards, it is a clear sign you have a home pest, like a rat or mouse.
  • Gnawed Food Containers. If you start to find chewed corners of boxes or bags that contain food, this is a telltale sign that a mouse or rat is dining in your pantry, cupboard or cabinets.
  • Shredded Siding or Insulation. If you notice insulation or exterior siding that has been chewed, shredded or pulled away around pipes or wiring, you have identified the point of entry for a rat, mouse or other rodent.
  • If left unchecked, a rat or mouse in your home can spread disease to humans and pets, contaminate food sources and cause extensive property damage. It is critical that you address the problem as soon as possible, before it becomes unmanageable.

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