Mosquito Treatment

Memphis Mosquito Treatment: Your Local Experts

With its ample rainfall, warm weather, and abundance of hatching spots, the Memphis area is a prime locale for mosquitoes. It’s time to mount a counter attack and reclaim your yard from mosquitoes. Foundation Pest Control offers two forms of mosquito protection to fit your needs and budget.

Memphis Mosquito Treatment: Mosquito Seasonal Program

Our Seasonal Mosquito Protection is a monthly service performed March through October during the height of mosquito activity. This plant friendly process is used on bushes and shrubs, trees and other surfaces around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to land. Priced at less than $2/day for most yards, why not try this safe, affordable solution to your mosquito problems today!?

Memphis Mosquito Treatment: Mosquito Mist Systems

Looking for a more permanent solution to mosquitoes? Foundation Pest Control can also customize, install, and maintain a Mosquito Mist System for your yard. These systems consist of a single tank, motorized pump, and computerized timer along with tubing and spray nozzles which are installed around the perimeter of your yard (or a defined area within the yard). 2 – 8 times a day, the system emits a mist that reduces the mosquito population thus making your yard a more enjoyable outdoor environment.

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